Preschool Dance Classes

Classes for Kids in Edinburgh age 3 & 4 years

Preschool Dance Classes

About our dance classes for preschool age kids

Dance classes for preschool age kids are a great and fun way to promote physical development, cordination, musicality and balance. Not to mention, an opportunity to meet new friends, stimulate creativity and have fun.

Our signature preschool dance class is a combination of Ballet, Tap & Jazz where all three styles are covered in one class. The variety is perfect for young ones’ shorter attention spans. We also offer a super funky street dance class through our Lil Beatz brand. 

At this young age, we use creative storytelling to take our littlest dancers on an imagination journey. Along the way, we introduce movements (foundational dance techniques) to help us navigate through each adventure and safely home.

Class Descriptions

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

This is our core preschool dance class. These 3 pillars of dance provide the building blocks for almost all other dance styles.

Street Dance

Creative, expressive and super funky. Street dance is a hit with the preschoolers with lots of energy, who just love moving to music.

Preschool Acro

Acro is about introducing acrobatic elements into a dance context. This class is best taken alongsideone of our other dance classes.

Preschool Theatre

Our musical theatre classes mix singing, acting and dance into one fab class. Perfect for little performers who love to sing.

Dance Class Timetable

Acro, Ballet, Jazz, Street, Tap & Theatre

Book 3 taster sessions in your chosen class for £20 via the timetable below.

Dance Class Timetable

Preschool Street Dance

Book 3 taster sessions in your chosen class for £20 via the timetable below.

Drama Class Timetable

Preschool Musical Theatre

Need help finding the right dance class?

If you aren’t sure what class style is best for you or what level you should be dancing at, please contact us for a consultation before booking a class and we’ll be delighted to help you take your first steps with DN Dance.

What people say about us!


"Amazing dance school. Hugely enthusiastic and incredibly supportive dance teachers. Very happy dancers, everyone leaves buzzing!"

Happy kids

"My kids are happiest when they are in the studio with the amazing teachers."

Infectious enthusiasm

"Nicky and her team have made my daughter feel welcome from the start. Such a lovely atmosphere and great classes. Nick's enthusiasm is infectious!"

Community Spirit

"DN Dance has really made me feel a part of the local community"

Rediscovering the joy

"I gave up dance a few years ago but moving to Edinburgh as a uni student and finding DN Dance made me rediscover the joy again!" 

Professional & Welcoming

"Fantastic studio with a professional faculty who are so welcoming to people of all ages."

Highlight of my week

"I attend senior tap and couldn't be happier. Going to DN Dance is the highlight of my week!"

Friendly Staff

"My daughter has not long started tap/ballet and she loves it, and even more since she got the outfit. The staff are friendly and it’s a nice environment."

RAD Registered Teacher