Health & Safety Statement

DN Dance has a responsibility to ensure the safety of our students

  • Parents must give DN Dance full and accurate details of any relevant medical history when registering.
  • Student emergency contact numbers will be available to access during class times, complying with GDPR regulations. If required these will be accessed on a password-secured device, and a password-secured register application.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify us of any changes to their emergency contact details.
  • In case of a fire emergency, all teachers will follow a specific evacuation procedure. DN Dance students must follow the instructions given by DN Dance staff or the emergency services.
  • We will undertake regular risk assessments of our all studio premises and class venues.
  • DN Dance will ensure a fully-equipped first aid box is available at all sites where classes are run. In the case of any incident, an accident report will be completed and a copy given to the parent or guardian.
  • There will always be a trained first aider available.