Dance Exams

train hard and achieve great results

Achieve great exam results

We train in the ISTD dance syllabus and take exams in Ballet Dance, Tap Dance and Modern Theatre Dance from pre-primary right up to intermediate level. We also introduce RAD training in Ballet for the senior students

About the examination boards


Internationally recognised examination board. This is our preferred syllabus for the younger years classes


Synonymous with excelling in ballet. We introduce this sylabus to our older classes as it demands more discipline

In House

We also do in-house awards for Acro and other non-syllabus classes

How can I get involved?

You don’t need to do anything to get involved, simply join a regular weekly class at DN Dance. All students in all syllabus classes will get the opportunity to take dance exams. They aren’t compulsory, but they are available to everyone.  If you’ve got any questions about participating in dance exams, simply send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

What people say about us!


"Amazing dance school. Hugely enthusiastic and incredibly supportive dance teachers. Very happy dancers, everyone leaves buzzing!"

Happy kids

"My kids are happiest when they are in the studio with the amazing teachers."

Infectious enthusiasm

"Nicky and her team have made my daughter feel welcome from the start. Such a lovely atmosphere and great classes. Nick's enthusiasm is infectious!"

Community Spirit

"DN Dance has really made me feel a part of the local community"

Rediscovering the joy

"I gave up dance a few years ago but moving to Edinburgh as a uni student and finding DN Dance made me rediscover the joy again!" 

Professional & Welcoming

"Fantastic studio with a professional faculty who are so welcoming to people of all ages."

Highlight of my week

"I attend senior tap and couldn't be happier. Going to DN Dance is the highlight of my week!"

Friendly Staff

"My daughter has not long started tap/ballet and she loves it, and even more since she got the outfit. The staff are friendly and it’s a nice environment."

RAD Registered Teacher