How dyslexia became my superpower

How dyslexia became my superpower

“dyslexia doesn’t define you, it just gives you special powers elsewhere”

These are the words of an incredible young lady. A very special talent, who, as a young girl lacked confidence in her ability at school, and grappled daily with feeling like she was “getting left behind”. A young girl who has since blossomed into a feircly determined, suprememly talented, hard working, competitive, yet kind and compassionate soul. Jess Taylor, who has been awarded a place at The Scottish Institute of Theatre, Dance, Film & Television, is an example to her peers and role model to the next generation of dancers coming through the ranks at DN Dance.

DN Spotlight: Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor Early Years Photo Collage

After learning that one of the younger dancers was struggling at school with dyslexia, Jess came to me and asked if I would share her story. She felt it might help others struggling with dyslexia to find some inspiration, to find their self confidence elsewhere like she has in dance. A typically “Jess” thing to do!

In Jess’s own words, this is her story:

Throughout primary school I struggled with words and reading. I felt like I was behind in class, and I wasn’t as confident as my classmates. However, when it came to dancing, I did feel confident. It was a place where I felt strong, a place where I could even help others who needed it. Somewhere I thrived. 

I found out I was dyslexic as I transitioned to high school. I was always taught that if a problem is thrown your way, just throw a solution straight back at it. So, I learned to speak up and get help in school, and I channelled my energy into the things I was good at, dancing and performing.

Having dyslexia can affect how you learn and memorise information, which impacts self-confidence. My brain simply doesn’t like to learn from words written on a page. However, memory and confidence are two key skills needed for dancing, and I felt quite strong in this. I wondered why that was, and I discovered that people with dyslexia often have strengths in other areas, like:

    • Wonderfully Imaginative
    • Strong Visual Memory.
    • Excellent Puzzle-Solving Skills.
    • Brilliant Visual Spatial Reasoning.
    • Great at Connecting with Others.

Dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia are diagnoses that can make certain methods learning difficult, and, as well as being a nightmare to pronounce, that is all they should be viewed as. I now realised that these diagnoses shouldn’t be viewed as a hurdle or disability, but simply as a guide to help us to find our preferred ways of learning, our strengths and talents in other fields, and for me that is dance (my happy place).

Knowing that other friends, family, and celebrities have had dyslexia and thrived, told me that dyslexia doesn’t define you it just gives you special powers elsewhere. I now know I am not alone, and if reading this blog (how ironic) helps just 1 more person, it will make me happy that they know they are not alone too.

We caught up with Jess’s mum too, as we wanted to hear her perspective on the journey Jess had been through with Dyslexia and Dance.

“When Jess was diagnosed with dyslexia, we finally had the answers to all the questions that we had been asking for, for years. Why does it take her so long to complete schoolwork? Why does she get so frustrated? Why does her work not make sense, when she has spent so long on it? We had seen the signs, but it had taken so long for diagnosis and support from school that, for Jess, dance became her happy place, her classroom, her world! No pressures, no frustration just release. Dance allowed her to be confident, to show the world that this defined her, not her dyslexia.

Jess loves to perform both on and off stage. Dance developed her passion for the arts, and she now incorporates acting and singing with DN. We worried that reading scripts, learning lines, and following music notation might affect her love of performing, but instead found that this love gave her the strength and determination to overcome the dyslexic barriers and allowed her to be the positive person she is today.

We honestly couldn’t be prouder of Jess and hope that this inspires others in similar situations to turn that negative into a positive with the right mindset and passion. Jess strives for perfection in everything she does, and over the years, she has learned that perfection is not always attainable but if you work with your strengths, they might just help your weaknesses!”

I reflected on this story for some time before sharing and I can’t help but attribute a Jess’s success, in part, to the courage and support shown by her family. I can only imagine that it took courage to support her in persuing her talents and interests when the presures of a society are all too often focused on academic endeavour as the only ‘safe’ or ‘valued’ future propsect. Also, the guidence and support that allowed her to develop the confidence she now exudes in dance and performing on any stage.

I have a tremendous respect for everything that Jess has achieved, and I only hope that this blog can give hope and inspiration to someone else embarking on a similar journey.

Written by Lindsay Bleakley


Meet our DN Head Student

Meet our DN Head Student

Introducing our fabulous new Head Student, Megan Ross. DN is proud to have Megan will take over the role for our 23/24 year, we are thrilled to have you on the team!

With the most gorgeous soul, Megan is very much at the heart of DN. Attending classes for 13 years, Meg has grown up in the studio and has become part of the family. She is a wonderful role model for all our students, following and promoting our DN values. Little ones just adore seeing her around the studios.

As her role of Head Student Megan will assist at event days and shows across all ages. As well as representing DN in and around the studio, welcome new families and always looking out for others in the buildings.

Our Dance World Cup Journey 2024

Our Dance World Cup Journey 2024

We couldn’t be more proud of our DN Company Dancers who have achieved the awesome feat of qualifying to represent Team Scotland at the Dance World Cup 2024 in Prague. Thirty three of our talented dancers are gearing up for the experience of a lifetime and we’ll be following their journey, step-by-step, on this very blog.

We are delighted to thank our amazing sponsors and supporters who’s kind donations have made it possible for so many of our dancers to have the honour of representing their country as elite dancers.

But first, I’m delighted to share the story so far (below), as composed by one of our wonderful dance moms.

Blog Update 01.02.2024

by DN Dance Mum, Barbara (H)

In the vibrant world of dance, the sparkle of talent often shines the brightest.

The Journey to Qualification: The journey for DN Dance’s sparkly dancers began with dedication, passion, and hours of rigorous training. From large group performances featuring all 33 dancers to smaller groups of four, duets, trios, and captivating solos, the team displayed style technique and performance across various dance styles. The genres include ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, song and dance, street, and hip-hop/commercial. Over 120,000 dancers from across the world audition and making it to the last 7,000 is already awesome.

Age is Just a Number: One of the most inspiring aspects of DN Dance’s qualification is the diverse age range of the dancers, spanning from 9 to 17 years old. This not only showcases the inclusive nature of dance but also reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing talent from a young age. Some of these sparky dancers have been with DN Dance since they were four years old. The dancers, regardless of their age, share a common enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming Dance World Cup in Prague.

Preparing for the Grand Stage: With their qualification secured, the sparkly dancers are now immersed in preparations for the grand stage in Prague. The dance school, known for its commitment to excellence, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Team Scotland makes a lasting impression at the Dance World Cup.

The Variety of Styles: What sets DN Dance apart is its ability to seamlessly blend a variety of dance styles into their performances. From the grace of ballet to the energy of hip-hop, the dancers embody the essence of each style with finesse. Our aim is to captivate audiences and judges alike at the Dance World Cup.

The Excitement Builds: As the dancers gear up for their journey to Prague, excitement is palpable among both the performers and their supporters. The Dance World Cup is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of the art form and an opportunity for dancers from around the world to come together and share their passion.

Raising Funds: As you can imagine, there are lots of costs involved in taking a group to such a prestigious event, and we are now looking to raise funds to help ensure each dancer can share in this opportunity. We are hoping to raise funds through events, activities, sponsors, and supporters. Drop an email to the DN Company Parents Committee if you would like to find out about events or if you can sponsor or support us in anyway.

Thank you all and watch this space!!

Thank you to our sponsors

A huge thank you to all our sponsors and supporters for helping our dancers achieve their dreams, competing for their country, following their passion.

Our Supporters

  • Person 1
  • Person 1
  • Person 1

Celebrations from our Autumn 2023 Exams!

Celebrations from our Autumn 2023 Exams!

We are delighted to announced that after our recent session of RAD and ISTD exams in November 2023 we have had 100% pass rate. Congratulations to everyone who participated, we are so proud of you all!

RAD Exams

  • RAD Pre-Primary Ballet: Aimee & Bethany
  • RAD Grade 1 Ballet Class: Amy, Catriona, Isobel, Julia, Lucie, Lucy, Marcella, Mila
  • RAD Grade 1 Ballet: Amber, Ava-Jane, Daniela, Eve, Eve, Jessica, Stefaniak
  • RAD Grade 3 Ballet: Ava Rose, Elysa, Emma, Grace, Keziah, Kyla, Molly, Nicole, Valentine
  • RAD Grade 4 Ballet: Annabel


ISTD Exams

  • ISTD Grade 1 Ballet: Aria, Ava, Brooke, Cadha, Darcy, Evie, Isla, Kara, Katie, Kayla, Lily, Mia, Sadie
  • ISTD Grade 5 Ballet: Callie, Emma Bo, Emma Br, Emma D, Hanna, Jasmine, Laila, Leilah, Maja, Ruby, Weronika
  • ISTD Grade 1 Tap: Alana, Amber, Ava-Jane, Daniela, Elowen, Eve F, Eve G, Harper, Jessica, Lily, Maja, Mila, Nina
  • ISTD Grade 2 Modern: Amber, Ava, Eliza, Ellis, Georgia, Lacey, Millie, Rebecca, Rosie, Ruby, Scarlett
  • ISTD Grade 4 Modern: Alexandra, Amy, Annabel, Elsie, Holly, Iona, Isabella, Isobel, Madison, Yasemin, Zoe


Why do we study both ISTD & RAD Syllabi?

At DN Dance we offer students the opportunity to sit exams in both the ISTD and RAD syllabi. Both examination boards offer an excellent pathway for progression of skills and techniques in classical Ballet. We study both syllabi because we believe dancers will benefit from the strengths of each syllabus.

Our interpretation of the difference is, the ISTD syllabus teaches a precise build-up of techniques whereby exercises learned in the early grades are built upon systematically as you progress up the grades. It teaches a wide range of vocabulary and requires dancers to learn how to combine different steps on request of the examiner – like sight reading in a piano exam (for example).

Comparatively, the RAD exam syllabus is centred around learning pre-set exercises – like playing a set piece of music in a piano exam – as well as a range of dance choreography and repertoire of different styles to include character (character uses traditional instruments from the country they are studying. For example; In Grade One the children study the Russian Style, Grade Two is Hungarian, Grade Three is Ukrainian and Grade Four is Italian)

There are clear benefits to both syllabi, teaching expert execution and beautiful development of work which is why we are proud to offer students the opportunity to learn both.

Preschool to Professional College with Emma!

Preschool to Professional College with Emma!

Emma in costume for dance shows in 2012 & 2021

My First Student

I sit at my desk writing this story with a heart full of mixed emotions seeing our beautiful Emma Buchanan move on from DN Dance to embark on her next great adventure, to become a professional dancer!

Emma was my very first student when I launched Dynam-nic Dance back in 2010. I remember little Emma so fondly, with her gorgeous red hair and super flexy left leg, walking up the stairs at the MGA academy on the very first day of DN classes.

On one hand there is a sense of joy seeing Emma pursue a career in dance, training at Hamilton Theatre Arts. On the other, there is sadness that she has come to the end of her incredible journey with DN. But there is also tremendous pride in having watched and supported Emma to develop from a small and shy little girl into the confident, talented, and beautifully technical dancer that she is today.

It has been one of my great pleasures to watch her grow over the past 12 years, becoming the first student to complete the full DN journey from preschool right through to professional college.


Emma Performing Bat Out Of Hell in 2021

Favourite Memories

Emma’s mum (Julie) told us about her favourite early memories of Emma’s dancing, she said: “This is difficult, there so many memories. From little Emma coming home and practicing her ballet and tap exercises “hot sand”, “pick up the flowers”, and “over the mountains”. To watching her perform pantomime in the St Serfs church, Emma loved doing the pantos. Then all the dance shows, wow! Emma just loved them and never wanted them to end. Then there’s her journey being a member of the DN Dance competition team (DN Company) and all the experiences Emma has had competing. Most recently, having the opportunity to dance for her country at Dance World Cup 2022 in San Sebastian, which is something very special and I’m so grateful that she was given the chance. DN Dance to us is just one extended family, which I hope we will always be part of it.”

Emma told us “I’ve loved every minute at DN, there’s so many memories to choose from and I wouldn’t change any part of it. I think my favourite memories are doing the DN shows. I loved learning all the dances, the atmosphere at the theatre, and watching the younger dancers doing their dances was always cute. She told us “I’ll miss going to DN and seeing everyone but it’ll always be home. I can’t wait to see what happens at DN and watch how it grows even more. I’ve loved meeting all the teachers throughout the years and interacting with other classes. It’s always felt like a family environment, everyone helps and takes care of each other.

DanceAbet Show in 2014 at the Pleasance Theatre


Dance shows

Emma has featured in every one of our biennial DN Dance Shows between 2012 and 2022. Our first ever show back in 2012 was called The Toybox. Little Emma played the part of a ballerina who climbed out of the Toybox and made all the other toys come alive.  Ten years later, in what would be Emma’s last DN show, we performed the Toybox show again. This time Emma emerged from the Toybox as a fully grown 17 year old ballerina to bring the toys to life again. It was such a beautiful moment for everyone involved with the school.


Emmas First Exam Results

Dance Exams

Emma showed huge potential from a young age. She was always in a class above her age, continuously being pushed. Emma has always been a great technical dancer and has shone in her dance exams. She told us “I’ll never forget the feeling of the first distinction I got in ISTD Primary Ballet, then Grade 4 Modern, and my most recent distinctions in ISTD Grade 6 Ballet and Intermediate Modern“. We were always so proud of her for her work ethic and commitment at exam time.


Emma In Team Uniform

Competition Team

Emma was one of the original members of our dance competition team (DN Company), which we started in 2017. There are so many wonderful memories, but the ones that Emma remembers most fondly are “the first team competition going through to a final in Blackpool, performing ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ and taking part in my first workshop, as it was the first of many times travelling with the team“. Then more latterly, Emma competed for Scotland at the World Cup in San Sebastian. She told us: “one competition experience I’ll never forget is having the chance to compete at Dance World Cup, which I would never had been able to experience without DN“.


Emma with Jane, Chanelle, Bev & Nicky

Messages from her teachers

We are super lucky at DN Dance to have a core group of teachers in Chanelle, Jane and Beverley who have grown with us and who are now part of the fabric of DN. Of course, the team wanted to add a few of their own words and wishes for Emma.

Miss Chanelle:

“I am so proud of Emma’s achievements and excited for this next chapter in her dance journey. It has been a pleasure watching Emma grow into such a gorgeous dancer and even more gorgeous soul. She has been an inspiration for our younger students in her later years at DN, and will remain one of the DN Family forever”

Miss Jane:

Emma with Miss Jane

“I feel very privileged to have been able to be a part of Emma’s dance journey at DN. Emma was one of our first ever competition team members way back in 2016 and I feel very lucky to have watched your progression from your first performance at a charity competition to shining bright at the dance World Cup – Wowzers what a journey!”


“I have loved watching you grow and develop from a young girl with so much passion and raw talent into a young woman with exceptional technique, explosive talent and drive to take her dreams onto professional training and future career. You have been a true inspiration to your peers who have put you on a very deserving pedestal and your beautiful soul and caring nature has helped our youngest of team members feel safe and confident as they have began their own competitive journey.”


“We are so excited to see what your future holds and look forward to cheering for you from the audience. Always and forever team DN xxx”

Miss Beverley:

It’s always been a pleasure teaching Emma throughout the years and seeing her develop into the dancer she is today. Emma has shown great resilience and determination to improve and master her skills as a performer. I’m so delighted and proud that she is continuing to pursue a path in dance and I can’t wait to go and support her in her first college show next year.

Saying goodbye to Nicky

Emma, you’ve been a dream to teach and a great example to the other students. We’ll miss seeing your beautiful face each day at class, but you will always be one of the family at DN Dance. Now go and fly with all our love and admiration!

Miss Nicky xxx

DN Dance Appoints Company Dance Captain!

DN Dance Appoints Company Dance Captain!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Rose as our new Company Dance Captain.


Rose has been with DN Dance for over 10 years and is an original member of DN Company, competing for DN Dance nationally and internationally. Recently Rose ranked 14th out of 83 finalists at the 2022 Dance World Cup with her Young and Beautiful Lyrical Solo.

Rose shows a mature approach to her work and comes prepared weekly to classes. Her preparations in competitions are also not overlooked. She is always clued up with all our Company dances and counts down to the second! Additionally, Rose helps at our holiday camps and shows a great support to younger students offering encouragement.

Rose’s role as Company Dance Captain will be to aid teachers in classes, help out with company days/competitions, run dances and be a support to all company members.


I’m extremely excited to be chosen as the first Dance Captain at DN! It’s a glance at a supportive leadership role that I’ve always hoped for and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it opens up. As I’ve danced for over 10 years of my life, i’m looking forward to passing on my knowledge and passion to those beginning and continuing their dance journeys. Much love for my family at DN, I can’t thank you enough. – Rose Hamilton

As always, I am a super-proud Dance Mum. Rose has danced from the tips of her toes since she was four, and DN Dance have always helped her shine. I love that she has been chosen as your first Dance Captain. I know that she will work hard for the team, encouraging them and helping them to shine on stage as a whole team. – Barbara Hamilton

We look forward to seeing her take on this new role with confidence and maturity. We are so proud of you. Congratulations!

DN Texas Scramble Golf Day Fundraiser 2022

DN Texas Scramble Golf Day Fundraiser 2022

A big thank you to all who took part in our inaugural DN Dance Golf Fundraiser event on Sunday 26th of September. It was a great turnout with 53 players across 14 teams, and lots of prizes to be won. We’re delighted to have raised a total of £1054.45 which will go towards additional training and development opportunities for our dance competition team.

Team prizes

Our two main prizes are the team awards, for “lowest team net score” and for “most team birdies (gross score)”. The winning prize for the team with the lowest team net score is a 4-ball voucher to the prestigious Archerfield Links Golf Club in East Lothian, and for the team with the most team birdies (gross score) is a 4-ball voucher a the fabulous Pitfirrane Golf Culb in Dunfermline.

Lowest Team Net Score

Congratulations to Andrew, John, Josh & Lindsay from team “Purple Rain Men” with a superb result of Net 55.  Two other teams finished with Net 56 and missed out on competing for the prize by one stroke. One of those teams failed to take advantage of the bonus handicap point available to teams in which all players wore two of the three DN Brand colours (Pink, Purple & Grey), showing once again that golf is a game of fine margins and you have to take your chances.

Results in order of lowest to highest net score were as follows:

  1. Purple Rain Men – (Net 55)
  2. Woodfield Weasels – (Net 56)
  3. Avoca – (Net 56)
  4. Happy Whackers – (Net 57)
  5. Golfers United – (Net 58)
  6. Ellwood Ball Washers – (Net 59)
  7. Ronnie’s Boys – (Net 59)
  8. Seniors +1 – (Net 59)
  9. Ted Strikers – (Net 61)
  10. Calderwood Sharks – (Net 61)
  11. Morlands Mauaurders – (Net 61)
  12. Taylor’s Tornadoes – (Net 62)
  13. Wee Angry Birdies – (Net 62)
  14. Yule’s Boys – (Net 64)

Most Team birdies (Gross Score)

Congratulations to the winners Michael Watson, Ross Waters, Tony Aitkin, and Grant Allan
from team “Golfers United” who scored an excellent tally of 8 birdies in another extremely tight competition which saw 3 teams tie on 8 birdies a piece. Golfers Unitied took the victory on the countback with 4 birdies on the back 9.

The results for most team birdies (gross score) are as follows:

  1. Golfers United – 8 birdies
  2. Avoca – 8 birdies
  3. Woodford Weasels – 8 birdies
  4. Purple Rain Men – 7 birdies
  5. Ellwood Ball Washers – 5 birdies
  6. Seniors +1 – 4 birdies
  7. Ronnie’s Boys – 3 birdies
  8. Happy Whackers – 3 birdies
  9. Ted Strikers – 3 birdies
  10. Morland’s Maurauders – 3 birdies
  11. Taylor’s Tornadoes – 2 birdies
  12. Wee Angry Birdies – 2 birdies
  13. Calderwood Sharks – 1 birdie
  14.  Yule’s Boys – 0 birdies

A special mention goes out to Yule’s Boys who’s team included our youngest competitor by far, at 9 years old. Superb effert getting involved this year.

Individual Awards

We had 6 opportunities for players to win an individual prize, with 2 Longest Drive holes and 4 Closest to Pin holes. Prizes were limited to one LD prize and one CTP prize per person, to ensure the prizes were split amongst the players as fairly as possible. Winners of the longest drive & closest to pin competitions each receive a sleeve of premium Srixon Z-Star Diamond balls, a bag of premium tees, and the following prizes:

Longest Drive

Congratulations to the winners of the longest drive competition, with drive distances verified by Golfshot GPS. The winners are:

  • John Mackenzie, Purple Rain Men – 4th hole (304 yards)
  • Niall Kane, Ellwood Ball Washers – 14th hole (301 yards)

Closest To Pin

Congratulations to the 4 winners of the closest to pin competitions:

  • Conner McCullough, Avoca – 8th hole
  • Matt Waymark, Woodfield Weasels – 12th hole
  • John Mackenzie, Purple Rain Men – 13th hole
  • Scott Sneddon, Seniors Plus 1 – 15th Hole

Raffle Prizes

Congratulations to all the raffle prizes winners. We had some great prizes and the winners are listed below.

  • Graeme Clarke, Ellwood Ball Washers – Craigielaw Golf Club 4-ball voucher
  • Craig Taylor, Taylor’s Tornadoes – 2 night stay in Seaton Sands Caravan Park
  • Laila Wright, DN Dancer – £50 American Golf Voucher
  • Lorraine Venters, Ratho Park Golf Club – 12 Titleist Pro V1s
  • Chris Riach, Woodford Weasels – Cutter & Buck Grey Golf Gillet
  • Keith Small, Avoca – 1 Litre Bottle of Tanqueray Gin
  • Paul Robinson, Ratho Park Golf Club – Bottle of Rose Wine

Claiming your prizes

We will contact you directly about recieving your prizes. If you are one of the winners listed above and you haven’t yet recieved you prize, you can contact Lindsay Bleakley at

Thank you

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who played. A huge thank you to all those who contribued to the event behind the scenes by organising teams, baking for the bake sale, and donating prizes. Lastly, a huge thank you to the five DN Dancers (Emma, Jess, Laila, Lailah, and Maya) who supported the event on the day selling raffle tickets and cakes at the bake sale.

Edinburgh Community Performing Arts launches in South Gyle

Edinburgh Community Performing Arts launches in South Gyle

We are excited to annouunce the launch of a new Community Interest Company (CIC) called Edinburgh Community Performing Arts (ECPA), which will be bringing free community centric classes to DN Studios.

The ECPA is focused on bringing social opportunities in the context of dance and performing arts to subsections of the Edinburgh community who would normally experience barriers to access. There will be specific emphasis on tackling social isolation among older people, as well as providing opportunities to those with physical and mental disabilities.

DN Studios is a new top-class dance and performing arts studio where classes and events will take place, led by specialist teachers and volunteers. There will be a range of dance classes and social opportunities for older people (tea dances for example), held predominantly on weekday mornings. The intention is for classes to be grant funded so participants can attend at little or no cost.

We have an excellent facility here at in DN Studios, and we want to make the most of the space. We have a lot of free capacity during the weekdays when kids are at school and the studio isn’t being used, so our plan is to open the doors to the wider community. It’s always been our ambition to give back to the local community, and through the ECPA we can bring people together in a safe and welcoming space to provide much needed social and creative activities for older people.

The ECPA was set up by husband-and-wife duo Lindsay Bleakley and Nicola Bleakley, who also own DN Studios. Its board is made up of three additional board members who work on voluntary basis to make decisions about how the ECPA operates and which projects it invests in. The ECPA is almost entirely funded through grants and donations and welcomes regular funders.

To find out more about the projects and how to become a funder, you can visit our website, or contact us by email.

Kids Summer Holiday Clubs in Edinburgh

Kids Summer Holiday Clubs in Edinburgh

We have three wonderful weeks of dance and musical theatre themed holiday clubs in Edinburgh this summer. All three weeks of summer holiday clubs run Monday through Friday on weeks commencing 25th July, 1st August, & 8th August. You can book online via the Holiday Clubs page on our website.


Preschool Summer Holiday Clubs (Age 3-5)

Our preschool summer holiday clubs run daily, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm, at DN Studios in Chesser. Each day is filled with a fabulous mix of games, dancing and craft, with time for a snack in the middle too. These weeks are always a hit with our youngest dancers. You can book our preschool club on individual days, or as a full week for the best rate.


Kids Summer Holiday Clubs (Age 5-17)

We also have three dance and musical theatre themed weeks in Edinburgh and one in South Queensferry. All the kids summer holiday clubs run Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can book our kids holiday clubs as individual weeks or multiple weeks for the best rates.  See the bottom of this article for information on discounts.


Dance Experience Week (25-29 July)

DN Studios, 9b South Gyle Crescent

Our dance experience week is a fabulous mix of different dance genres, suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced dancers. Students will get to experience a range of styles including Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Commercial, Hip Hop, Modern and more. We also have a fabulous guest teacher coming in to teach cheerleading workshops. Dancers will be split up into groups based on age and experience/ability, and we always make sure that the content is tailored to the level of the kids in each group. Throughout the week, dancers will produce music videos in a range of dance genres to be shared with parents at the end. This is truly a fantastic opportunity to experience the joy and fun of dance, in a fresh and different way to your normal weekly lessons.

Lion King Week (1-5 August)

DN Studios, 9b South Gyle Crescent & The Hub, South Queensferry

The first of our two musical theatre summer club weeks is inspired by Lion King the musical. This super popular summer club week is running at 2 locations, one in Edinburgh and one in South Queensferry. Our tried and tested holiday club format is always a great hit with the kids and parents alike. Kids can arrive for our early drop-off each morning from 9am and we’ll have a film on the big screen for them watch. Instructor led activities start at 10am until 4pm, with latest pick-up at 5pm.  Throughout the week, kids will learn songs and dances inspired by the Lion King musical, and we’ll spend some time each day doing crafts. The crafts will form the set for our end of week performance for parents.


Broadway Musical Trio Week (8-12 August)

DN Studios, 9b South Gyle Crescent

The second of our musical theatre themes holiday clubs is out Broadway Trio week. This week is inspired by three Broadway classics Wicked, Annie, & Bring It On. As per the other weeks, kids can arrive for early drop-off each morning from 9am and we’ll have a film on the big screen for them watch. Instructor led activities start at 10am until 4pm, with latest pick-up at 5pm.  Throughout the week, kids will learn songs and dances inspired by Wicked, Annie, & Bring It On. Again, we’ll spend some time each day doing crafts. The crafts will form the set for our end of week performance for parents. This is a week not to be missed.



Sibling & Multi-Booking Discounts

We offer a 10% discount for any siblings who attend the same summer club week (this discount does not apply to bookings where siblings attend different weeks). We also offer a fantastic multi-booking discount for any child who is booked into two or more summer holiday clubs.

  • 1 week = £165
  • 2 weeks = £290 (i.e. £145 / week)
  • 3 weeks = £390 (i.e. £130 / week)

Book our kids holiday clubs

As always, we’re here to help if you have any questions before you book.

Texas Scramble Golf Fundraiser – Results

Texas Scramble Golf Fundraiser – Results

A big thank you to all who took part in our inaugural DN Dance Golf Fundraiser event on Sunday 28th of August. It was a great turnout with 53 players across 14 teams, and lots of prizes to be won. We’re delighted to have raised a total of £1077.75 towards training and development opportunities for our dance competition team.

Team prizes

Our two main prizes are the team awards, for “lowest team net score” and for “most team birdies (gross score)”. Both competitions were incredibly close.

Lowest Team Score (Net)

The winning prize for the team with the lowest net score is a 4-ball voucher to the prestigious Archerfield Links Golf Club in East Lothian. Congratulations to Andrew, John, Martin & Douglas from team “Scrambled Eggs” with a superb result of Net 52.  A special mention goes to “Team H” who were forced to give up due to low light when on a score of Net 42 with 2 holes to play. Results in order are as follows:

  1. Scrambled Eggs (Net 52)
  2. The Coos tail (Net 53, with 25 on the back 9 on count back)
  3. The Wright Stuff (Net 53, with 26 on the back 9 on count back)
  4. Happy Whackers (Net 54)
  5. Shoulda gone home earlier (Net 55)
  6. Euan, David & Ewan (Net 55)
  7. Tagi-tastic (Net 56)
  8. Woodfield Weasels (Net 57, with 29 on the back 9 on count back)
  9. Morland’s Marauders (Net 57, with 29 on the back 9 on count back)
  10. Boarder Highlanders (Net 57, with 30 on the back 9 on count back)
  11. Thin On Top (Net 58)
  12. Taylor’s Tornadoes Mk1 (Net 60)
  13. Team H (Net 42 + 2 holes)
  14. Bleakley’s Bandits (Net 47 + 2 holes)

Most birdies (Gross)

The second team prize is a 4-ball at the excellent Leven Links in Fife. This prize is awarded to the team with most birdies in a round (Gross score). Congratulations to the winners Craig, Michael, John & Andrew from team “Shoulda gone home earlier” who scored an incredible 10 birdies in another extremely tight competition. The results for number of birdies are as follows:

  1. Shoulda gone home earlier – 10 birdies
  2. The Coos tail – 9 birdies
  3. The Wright Stuff – 8 birdies
  4. Team H (DNF) – 7 birdies
  5. Thin On Top – 7 birdies
  6. Woodfield Weasels – 6 birdies
  7. Scrambled Eggs – 5 birdies
  8. Tagi-tastic – 5 birdies
  9. Morland’s Marauders – 5 birdies
  10. Happy Whackers – 4 birdies
  11. Euan, David & Ewan – 4 birdies
  12. Bleakley’s Bandits – 4 birdies
  13. Boarder Highlanders – 2 birdies
  14. Taylor’s Tornadoes Mk1 – 2 birdies

Individual Awards

We had 9 opportunities for players to win an individual prize, with 4 Longest Drive holes and 4 Closest to Pin holes, as well as our hickory club challenge. Players were limited to one prize per person, to ensure the prizes were split amongst the players as fairly as possible. Winners of the longest drive & closest to pin competitions each receive a sleeve of premium Srixon Z-Star balls, a bag of premium tees, and their choice from the following list of prizes:

Prizes for individual competitions

Longest Drive

Congratulations to the winners of the longest drive competition. The 4 winners of the longest drive competitions will select a prize from the list above in alternate sequence to the winners of the Closest to Pin Challenge.  In order of distance longest to shortest, as verified by Golfshot GPS, the winners are:

  1. John Macphie – 319 yards, 4th hole (1st pick)
  2. Euan Martin – 291 yards, 7th hole (3rd pick)
  3. Archie Hamilton – 289 yards, 14th hole (5th pick)
  4. Barry McCrossan – Unknown yards, 9th hole (7th pick)

** Barry McCrossan wins by default with a second place drive, as the winner (Euan Martin) had already won on an earlier hole.

Closest To Pin

Congratulations to the winners of the closest to pin competition. The 4 winners of the closest to pin competitions will select a prize from the list above in alternate sequence to the winners of the longest drive competitions.  In order of distance shortest to longest, the winners are:

  1. Craig Watson – 105 cm, 12th hole (2nd pick)
  2. Shona Moreland – 293 cm, 15th hole (4th pick)
  3. Sean Wright – 297 cm, 13th hole (6th pick)
  4. Ross Hall – 473 cm, 8th hole (8th pick)

In addition, congratulations to the superb effort by Alan Mason who wins the Hickory Club Challenge with an excellent result of 290 cm (15th hole) who wins the £50 Ratho Park proshop voucher.

Main Raffle Prize

All raffle prizes were collected on the day, with the exception of the main prize, which was a 4-ball at Craigielaw Golf Club. This final prize of the day was won by Archie Hamilton.

Claiming your prizes

If you are one of the winners listed above, please contact Lindsay Bleakley at to select and arrange delivery of your prize.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who played.