Competition Team

fly with us and We’ll help you soar

About our competition team

Our dance competition team (“DN Company”) launched back in 2017. We compete in compeitions and dance festivals accross Scotland, and the UK. Our style is very much about creative choreography that centres around strong ballet and jazz technique. 

Who can join?

We’re a growing team and we’re always happy to welcome new recruits. The competition team is open to any students who are serious about taking on the committment. Natural ability also helps and can make the journey easier, but hard work, perseverance and dedication are a must have. 

What's involed?

Being part of DN Company is a big commitment both in time and in cost. It involves taking compulsory weekly classes including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Acro and Company Class. There are periodical compulsory private lessons, as well as occasional compulsory weekend rehearsals and competitions.

Benefits of DN Company

With great commitment comes great reward, here are a few of the benefits that we see first hand.

  • With the extra training your ability will soar;
  • Performing on stage builds confidence;
  • Physical activity keeps you healthy and happy;
  • Being part of a team teaches teamwork and communication skills;
  • Focusing on your passion keeps you away from unwanted distractions;
  • Whether a parent or a student, you’ll make friends for life;
  • Tough demands on time teach discipline
  • Learning how to win and stay humble;
  • Learning how to lose and use it to drive you forwards;
  • But most of all, it’s super fun;

How do I sign up?

Simple, just get in touch with us and enquire. If you have shown in class that you have commitment, ability and a will to learn, and you are prepared to work hard, then we’ll take you under our wing and help you fly.