DN Dance partners with some amazing local businesses who specialise in products and services for dancers

DN Dance Partners

We've teamed up with a range of experts who provide specialise in products and services for dancers that can take your dancing to the next level. We've got you covered for everything from bespoke dancewear, to injury prevention and post injury recovery, to physical conditioning for improved performance, to sports psychology counselling, and even dietary support. If you feel you could benefit from any of these services, simply contact our partners via email and remember to ask for preferential rates for DN Dancers.

Note: You must attend DN Dance and you must inform the service provider at the time of booking to qualify for preferential rates.

Musical Theatre Classes

Chiropractic & Dance Partner

The DN Dance Partner for Chiropractic & Dance is Connect Chiropractic with clinics in Trinity and Leith. Chiropractic care deals with spinal joint movement, nervous system health, and body performance. All of these elements are directly related to how your body performs in dance. Connect Chiropractic are specialists in pro-active body performance, injury prevention and injury treatment for dancers. Find out more about how Connect Chiropractic can help with your spinal care needs.

Connect Chiropractic offers DN Dance students an exclusive discounted rate of £45 for the initial consultation, and £25 for each chiropractic adjustment after the initial consultation.

Physiotherapy Partner

The DN Dance Partner for Physiotherapy is TaylorPhysiotherapy. Taylor’s is physiotherapy and sports Injury clinic in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh that specialising in dance. Bill Taylor is consultant Physio with Scottish Ballet, himself and Stewart Scott provide the physiotherapy support at Tramway for Scottish Ballet. He has also been a member of Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer advisory board for over 10 years.

Taylors offer DN Dance students an exclusive discounted rate of £50 for the initial consultation, and £40 for each followup session thereafter.

Emotional Wellbeing Partner

Compass Behavioural Consulting recognises the unique challenges that young girls face. Our Girl’s Groups focus on helping girls develop and nurture social confidence, self-esteem, emotional IQ as well as managing tricky friendship issues. We understand that dancing can put additional pressure on girls who may need support with body image, managing competition anxiety and creating a healthy balance between the demands of school, relationships and dancing. We also offer bespoke support for those who need more individualised coaching than can be offered in a group format.

Compass Behavioural Counsiulting offers DN Dance students an exclusive discounted rate of 20% off the standard price group sessions.

Strength & Conditioning Partner

The DN Dance Partner for Streghth & Conditioning is Science in Dance. They experts in strength and conditioning for dancers and have worked extensively with the Scottish Ballet. They offer sport science provision, injury rehabilitation and prevention and strength coaching services to all aspiring Dancers and Professionals from Ballet School to the Stage. Their mission is to enhance performance and reduce injury occurrences in Dance to allow Athletes and Dancers to have long and successful careers.

Visit their website by clicking their logo below. Alternatively, to take advantage of the preferential rates offered by Science in Dance to DN Dance students, please contact us and we will arrange an introduction.

Bespoke Dancewear Partner

The DN Dance Partner for Bespoke Dancewear, Dance Stichery, is a small independent dancewear and ballet skirt maker based in Edinburgh. This dance mum and daughter duo handmake all of their fantastic products to order and offer a fully personalised service. 

Theatre Information Partner

Founded in 1999 Theatres Online is one of the the UK’s biggest and best dedicated theatre and events website. It has been a source of venue information for theatre goers for almost 20 years, connecting the theatre industry with a mass consumer audience. Edinburgh is home to many world class theatres which are a must visit including The Edinburgh Playhouse, The Festival Theatre and The Kings Theatre. We have partnered with Theatres Online to help expand the platform of awareness for the many wonderful shows and events that happen in Edinburgh Theatres. 

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