Our Values

how we conduct ourselves


means creating a welcoming environment for everyone; a place where people feel a sense of belonging, friendship, togetherness, and team spirit.


means caring for one another and being supportive; building each other up to become better; picking people up when they are down; and being generous with kind words and actions.


means treating every person how we want to be treated; every person is equally valued, regardless of our differences, and whether it’s your first day or your last.


means being humble in success and failure; being grateful for those who helped us get where we are (parents, teachers, influencers); showing respect to our peers and opponents.


means endeavour, being self-motivated, determined, and hardworking; being persistent and rigorous in applying ourselves to accomplish our goals.


means bravery to try new things; challenging our perception of our own limitations; having the strength of mind to use setbacks as motivation to drive us forward and improve.


means a place where we can reach the highest heights and achieve excellence in dance; delivering our maximum in training and on stage; being the best version of ourselves.

RAD Registered Teacher