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14th March 2024

We couldn’t be more proud of our DN Company Dancers who have achieved the awesome feat of qualifying to represent Team Scotland at the Dance World Cup 2024 in Prague. Thirty three of our talented dancers are gearing up for the experience of a lifetime.

We’d love you to follow along as we document their story in the blog that follows. The blog will be composed by our wonderful dance moms, dads, and teachers throughout our preparations and during the event.

A huge thank you to our sponsors and supporters who’s kind donations have made it possible for our dancers to have the honour of representing their country. Please check out these heros, who are all listed at the foot of the blog.

Our Blog – DWC Prague 2024

Celebrating Qualification to the Dance World Cup 2024

Blog Entry 01.02.2024

by DN Dance Mum, Barbara (H)

In the vibrant world of dance, the sparkle of talent often shines the brightest.  

The Journey to QualificationThe journey for DN Dance’s sparkly dancers began with dedication, passion, and hours of rigorous training. From large group performances featuring all 33 dancers to smaller groups of four, duets, trios, and captivating solos, the team displayed style technique and performance across various dance styles. The genres include ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, song and dance, street, and hip-hop/commercial. Over 120,000 dancers from across the world audition and making it to the last 7,000 is already awesome. 

Age is Just a NumberOne of the most inspiring aspects of DN Dance’s qualification is the diverse age range of the dancers, spanning from 9 to 17 years old. This not only showcases the inclusive nature of dance but also reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing talent from a young age. Some of these sparky dancers have been with DN Dance since they were four years old.  The dancers, regardless of their age, share a common enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming Dance World Cup in Prague. 

Preparing for the Grand Stage: With their qualification secured, the sparkly dancers are now immersed in preparations for the grand stage in Prague. The dance school, known for its commitment to excellence, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Team Scotland makes a lasting impression at the Dance World Cup. 

The Variety of StylesWhat sets DN Dance apart is its ability to seamlessly blend a variety of dance styles into their performances. From the grace of ballet to the energy of hip-hop, the dancers embody the essence of each style with finesse. Our aim is to captivate audiences and judges alike at the Dance World Cup. 

The Excitement Builds: As the dancers gear up for their journey to Prague, excitement is palpable among both the performers and their supporters. The Dance World Cup is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of the art form and an opportunity for dancers from around the world to come together and share their passion. 

Talented Dancers: The sparkly dancers from DN Dance have proven that talent knows no bounds. Their journey to qualify for Team Scotland at the Dance World Cup 2024 is not just a testament to their skill but also a celebration of the art of dance. As they prepare to take the stage in Prague, our friends, families and supporters eagerly await to witness the magic these young dancers will create on the international platform. The sparkle of their talent is set to illuminate the Dance World Cup, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone involved. 

Raising Funds: As you can imagine, there are lots of costs involved in taking a group to such a prestigious event, and we are now looking to raise funds to help ensure each dancer can share in this opportunity. We are hoping to raise funds through events, activities, sponsors, and supporters. Drop an email to the DN Company Parents Committee if you would like to find out about events or if you can sponsor or support us in anyway. 

Thank you all and watch this space!!


Our Awesome Sponsors

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Our Supporters

A huge thank you to our supporters who have donated to the DN Company fundraising efforts, helping to make this experience accessible and affordable for our dancers to take to represent their country.  If you would like to support the team, all donations are gratefully received via our team GoFundMe page at the button below.

  • Tim Paterson
  • Nicholas Moss
  • Lesley Carroll
  • Marion Lamb
  • Petra Socha
  • Michael Kellet
  • Ana Malo
  • Katarzyna Goszczynska
  • Julie Grant
  • Petra Emetuche
  • Rachael Glen
  • Natalie Sutton
  • Judith Mseka
  • Heather Tomlinson
  • Paul Connolly
  • Fiona Savory
  • Meg Wilson
  • Silvina Bobadilla
  • Jennifer Dimelow
  • Yvonne Rennie
  • Rowena Paterson
  • Hazel Walker
  • Ziaul Kamal
  • G. Ortiz Garcia
  • Mark Vitkovits
  • Jaclyn Lauder
  • Jim Wright
  • Lisa Scott
  • Louise Firstbrook
  • Alison MacDonald
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Argentina Popescu
  • Mennato Mastrocinque
  • Mark Edwards
  • Hannah Wales
  • Claire Baxter
  • Derek Hood
  • Angela Donaldson
  • Lynn Baxter
  • Catriona Reynolds
  • Susan Oliver
  • Linda Burn
  • William Duffy
  • Lesley-Ann Mitchell
  • Ruth Brown
  • Isla Miller
  • Denise Russell
  • Steph Craig
  • Eilidh Ward
  • Ritchie Somerville
  • Pamela Coetzee
  • Rhona Miller
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Susan Moffat
  • David Unsworth
  • Christopher Knowles
  • Sophie Murray
  • Myra Howie
  • Richard Secular
  • Cheryl Thomson
  • Gordon Russell
  • Ross Buchanan


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