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Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for developing highly technical elements and performance qualities. The style uses powerful travelling steps, controlled alignment, high kicks and leaps. All of which require strength, flexibility and control.

This is a highly energetic dance style that students love. Incorporating Modern Theatre into a young dancer’s training is essential to encourage a well-rounded performer and technician.

Mini Dancers

Aged 5 & 6 years

Mini Dancers combines ballet and tap develops the beginnings of Modern Theatre Dance into a 60-minute class.

Our combination classes are great for the younger dancer, they love the variety and challenge of the different dance genres.

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Junior Dancers

Aged 7-8 years

Junior Dancers combines Modern Theatre Dance with Ballet and Tap in a 90-minute class, with 30 mins for dance each style.

The last of our combination classes, after which all classes are individual disciplines. This is a key transitional class.

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ISTD Modern

Grades 2-5

For students aged 8+ we offer dedicated Modern classes in the ISTD syllabus grades 2-5.

Typically, Grade 2 starts at age 8 and Grade 5 is pre-college level. However, progression through the grades is based on ability not age.

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Intermediate Modern

This class is a vocational level class and is for the most advanced modern students who have already achieved their Grade 5 or equivalent.

Intermediate Modern is a requirement for any student wishing to go into teaching dance in the future.

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Open Level

For students from 8 years old. This is a really fun and high energy class for all levels of ability and experience.

Each week we teach a segment of choreography using the ever evolving umbrella of Jazz dance, such as Lyrical Jazz, Musical Theatre Jazz and Commercial Jazz.

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Adult Jazz

Open Level

This is a super fun class for all levels of ability and experience. Jazz is a style of dance you often see on stage at the west end.

Each week we teach a segment of choreography as well travelling combinations and technique exercises, all to upbeat music and with a sprinkle of sass!

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Need help finding the right dance class?

If you aren’t sure what class style is best for you or what level you should be dancing at, please contact us for a consultation before booking a class and we'll be delighted to help you take your first steps with DN Dance.

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Check out our timetable and book a taster session of any class for just £5. Taster sessions are a great way to experience a class before committing to a full term. It’s always best to do a taster first just to make sure the class content and level are right for your child.

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What people say about us...


"Amazing dance school. Hugely enthusiastic and incredibly supportive dance teachers. Very happy dancers, everyone leaves buzzing!"

Happy kids

"My kids are happiest when they are in the studio with the amazing teachers."

Infectious enthusiasm

"Nicky and her team have made my daughter feel welcome from the start. Such a lovely atmosphere and great classes. Nick's enthusiasm is infectious!"

Community Spirit

"DN Dance has really made me feel a part of the local community"

Rediscovering the joy

"I gave up dance a few years ago but moving to Edinburgh as a uni student and finding DN Dance made me rediscover the joy again!" 

Professional & Welcoming

"Fantastic studio with a professional faculty who are so welcoming to people of all ages."

Highlight of my week

"I attend senior tap and couldn't be happier. Going to DN Dance is the highlight of my week!"

Friendly Staff

"My daughter has not long started tap/ballet and she loves it, and even more since she got the outfit. The staff are friendly and it’s a nice environment."

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