DN Spotlight: Alina Mackenzie
12th June 2020
DN Spotlight - Alina Mackenzie

Alina at her first ballet exam in Craiglockhart

DN Spotlight: Alina Mackenzie has been a student at DN Dance since she was just a little girl and has participated in almost  every dance show with us and is a member of our dance competition team. Today we’re speaking to Alina and her mum Jenny about their time and experiences at DN Dance over the past decade.

When did your DN Dance journey begin?

Jenny – “Alina was 4 years old when she started at DN Dance, she went to a different dance school originally but then changed DN Dance to join one of her nursery friends”

Alina – “I became friends with Emma Anderson at nursery and when I was 4 and she told me about DN Dance

What are your earliest memories of DN Dance?

Alina – “I remember dancing on Children In Need day with Pudsey at Craiglockhart. Miss Nicky was meant to go first but we kept beating her and we were all dressed in pajamas”

Jenny – “Fun sessions at Craiglockhart and the energy and enthusiasm from the teachers

What has kept you coming to dancing for so long?

Alina – “I’ve kept coming dancing because I love it. It is so much fun to do”

Jenny – “Because Alina just loves it”

Alina Mackenzie: DN Spotlight

Alina in her scarecrow costume in her first dance show

What are your best memories from your time with us?

Alina – “It would have to be when I did my very first competition and my first dance show

Jenny – “The proud and nervous feeling when they came out to do their first dance show

What’s your favourite class and why?

Alina – “My favourite class is Tap Dance because it is so so fun and I love making all the different noises”

How does coming to DN Dance make you feel?

Alina – “It puts me in a better mood if I am ever upset or angry it makes me feel happy and I can relax”

DN Spotlight - Alina Mackenzie

Alina performing her ballet solo at a dance competition in 2019

What’s been your proudest achievements at DN Dance?

Alina – “Getting all my splits when I was younger and then getting into the competition team because I have come a long way from where I started”

What positives has dancing had on your daughter?

Jenny – “Alina has the most amazing time. No matter what mood she goes in to a dance class she comes out happy. Her confidence and skills have increased and I do feel that is down to dance”

If someone asked you to describe what DN Dance was like, what would you say?

Alina – “It is a place where you can 100% learn what you want to learn in dance with all the styles to pick from and everyone is one big family and so kind to each other”

Alina Mackenzie - DN Spotlight (20)

Alina performing her Tap Dance solo at a competition

Jenny – “I often describe DN Dance to people. The key is the teaching staff, they are so enthusiastic and vibrant and clearly love what they do which comes across in their classes. Each child and family are able to get what they need out of dancing. They are given the opportunity to shine at every level”

We’ve loved shining the DN Spotlight on Alina Mackenzie and Jenny about their time at DN Dance. We’re so proud of Alina and how she a grown from a shy wee girl into the beautiful and talented young dancer that she is today. Alina is such kind natured and eager student and is a delight to teach. She has been a part of so many fabulous memories over the last decade and we’re looking forward to making many more, starting with our 10th Anniversary show – Stardust.

A huge thank you to Alina and her mum Jenny from all the DN team for everything you bring to the #DNDanceFamily

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