DN Spotlight: Amy McKenzie
5th June 2020

DN Spotlight: Amy McKenzie has been coming to classes since a few months after we first opened our doors. In celebration of our 10th Anniversary we’ve been looking back over the last decade with some of our longest attending students. Today we’re speaking to Amy and her mum Jacqueline to learn about their experiences at DN Dance.

When did your DN Dance journey begin?

Jacqueline – “Amy started dancing with DN Dance in January 2011 at the Chesser Branch. We discovered the class when out for a walk past the Craiglockhart Leisure Centre and there was a banner advertising an open day with Nicky. We went along and met Nicky and that’s how it all started.”

What are your earliest memories of DN Dance?

Jacqueline – “Amy was only 2 years old at the time, so started in Tiny Dancers which is a parent and toddler dance class that I would join in. When she turned 3, she moved up to Little Dancers where she would go in by herself. She wasn’t keen on me leaving her initially. I had to stand at the door where she could see me for the first few weeks but she settled in quickly and began to really enjoy her classes.”

Amy – “My first memory is being excited about my pink leotard and then getting upset when the class did “good toes, naughty toes” as I didn’t like everyone shouting. I also remember the music sounding like we were in a forest and it was a bit scary when your only 3.”

What has kept you coming to dancing for so long?

Amy – “I would say it’s because of the teachers. I get along with all off them and they make classes fun even when we are learning new things. Also, the friends i have made at dancing is a big part of why I keep wanting to come back each year.”

What are your best memories from your time with us?

Jacqueline – “For both off us it has to be the dance shows. From her being a train driver in her very first show at Forester High School to dancing on the huge stage at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Amazing experiences.”

What’s your favourite class and why?

Amy – My favourite class is Tap because I feel like this is the class where I have learnt and progressed the most over the years.”

How does coming to DN Dance make you feel?

Amy – “It makes me feel happy when I come to classes; they always cheer me up. I look forward to dancing because it’s fun and I get to meet up with my friends.”

What’s been your biggest achievements at DN Dance?

Amy – “I would say achieving a merit for my Tap and Modern exams, taking part in all the dance shows and being named “dancer of the term”.

What positives has dancing had on your daughter?

Jacqueline – “Dancing has been amazing for Amy, she started just before going to nursery and I think the classes helped her settle into nursery as it gave her something to do without me being there. Her confidence has grown hugely throughout the years and I have seen big progression from her as she works up the levels, doing the rosettes and exams and also performing at shows as they get bigger and better each year.”

Jacqueline – “She has made lots of new friends which are not at her school so it has increased her circle of friends and has given her the confidence to make friends with new girls. I also think it is an amazing hobby for her to have as it keeps her fit and strengthens her body which helps keep her healthy all in a really fun way.”

If someone asked you to describe what DN Dance was like, what would you say?

Jacqueline – “I would say DN Dance is a very friendly relaxed dance school which has amazing staff who work brilliantly to build relationships with all the pupils and help them progress to the best of their ability in a fun encouraging atmosphere.”

Amy – “It’s friendly, fun, exciting and challenging at times”

We’ve loved shining the DN Spotlight on Amy McKenzie today and Jacqueline about their time at DN Dance. Amy has been such a lovely student and a delight to teach. She certainly has a special place in our memories over the last decade and we’re looking forward to making many more, starting with our 10th Anniversary show.

A huge thank you to Amy and her mum Jacqueline from all the DN team for everything you bring to the #DNDanceFamily

RAD Registered Teacher