DN Dance announces Compass Behavioural Consulting as our new Emotional Wellbeing Partner
26th April 2021

DN Dance is delighted to announce Compass Behavioural Consulting as our new Emotional Wellbeing Partner.

Erin Moorad, the founder and owner of Compass, is a former teacher and certified behaviour analyst. Whilst working as a teacher, Erin became aware that many young girls needed extra support in developing their social skills, tackling bullies and navigating the complexities of friendships groups. Erin was recently featured on EGG and when describing what she offers, she said: “I’m trying to teach the skills that aren’t taught at school like how to stand up for yourself, how to spot a fake friend, how to deal with conflict and how to be comfortable in your own skin.” 

Compass Behavioural Consulting recognises the unique challenges that young girls face. Our Girl’s Groups focus on helping girls develop and nurture social confidence, self-esteem, emotional IQ as well as managing tricky friendship issues. We understand that dancing can put additional pressure on girls who may need support with body image, managing competition anxiety and creating a healthy balance between the demands of school, relationships and dancing. We also offer bespoke support for those who need more individualized coaching than can be offered in a group format.

Compass Behavioural Counsiulting offers DN Dance students an exclusive discounted rate of 20% off the standard price group sessions. Simply visit the Compass website and make an online enquiry, stating that your are a DN student to recieve your discount.

RAD Registered Teacher