DN Spotlight: Emma Bradley
26th June 2020

Emma in her ballet costume for the Newsflash show in 2018

DN Spotlight: Emma Bradley has been coming to DN Dance since the very beginning in 2010, when classes were held at The MGA Academy. She has participated in every DN Dance show and recently became a member of our Dance Competition Team, competing with solos in ballet and lyrical, as well as a lyrical duet with team mate Jess Taylor. Her teacher Miss Jane describes Emma as “a joy to teach with a natural talent for dance” also noting that “anything you ask of her she will do with sparkle and flair and a giant smile on her face”. Today we’re speaking to Emma and her parents Tracey and Scott about their time at DN Dance and their experiences over the past decade.

DN Spotlight: Emma Bradley

Emma in costume for her first dance show

When did your DN Dance journey begin?

Emma – “I have been coming to DN Dance since 2010. I asked if I could do dancing and my mum found Nicky online so she booked me in for a taster session and I loved it.

What are your earliest memories of DN Dance?

Emma – “My mum remembers taking me for my taster session when classes were held at MGA, and Miss Nicky told my mum that I just couldn’t sit still. I also remember my very first dance show I took part in when I was four or five. I loved my costume and dancing on the big stage

What has kept you coming to dancing for so long?

Emma – “I’ve been coming for so long because I love dancing and the teachers are great. They always encourage me to do my best. I have also made lots of friends and we have a great time together.

Competition team dancer

Emma Performing Her Ballet Solo in Lochgelly

What are your best memories from your time with us?

Emma – “My best memory is placing 1st in my ballet solo at Startlight Stage Dance Festival at the Lochgelly Centre. It was only my second dance competition and there were quite a few people in my category, so I was really happy and proud to win. I also loved dancing with all my friends at the last DN dance show at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. There was a very big audience and it was really exciting to dance with all my friends and show my family what we had been practising during our classes.

What’s your favourite class and why?

Emma – “I really love ballet but I also like all my of other dance classes and my teachers. They are all different but they all make dancing so much fun. I have learnt so much!

How does coming to DN Dance make you feel?

Emma – “It’s amazing! I always can’t wait to come to dancing after school. I’m there almost every night.

Emma in her ballet costumer for her DN Dance Show in 2018

What’s been your proudest achievements at DN Dance?

Emma – “I would have to say being invited to join the competition team was one of my proudest achievements. I have really enjoyed practising with my friends in the comp team and learning and performing my solo routines and now my duet with my friend Jess.

What positives has dancing had on your daughter?

Tracey & Scott– “Dancing has given Emma the confidence to stand up and perform in front of a room full of people. It is obvious she loves dancing, you can see it when she performs. It is also great for all the health benefits it brings.

If someone asked you to describe what DN Dance was like, what would you say?

Emma – “It’s just great fun. I have made some amazing friends who I really enjoy dancing with in classes and in the competition team.

Emma performing her Ballet Solo in Lochgelly

It’s been a pleasure shining the DN Spotlight on Emma Bradley today. Her teacher Miss Chanelle describes Emma as “a ray of sunshine” and says that she is “constantly pushing to achieve more and even inspiring the teachers too”. It’s easy to see why we’re all so proud of Emma and how she a grown such a talented young dancer. Emma has been a part of so many fabulous memories over the last decade and we’re looking forward to making many more, starting with our 10th Anniversary show, Stardust.

A huge thank you to Emma and her parents Tracey and Scott from all the DN team for everything you bring to the #DNDanceFamily

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