Meet our DN Head and Deputy Head Students
30th November 2022

As a school, we are pleased to introduce both our Head Student, Jess Taylor, and our Deputy Head Student, Maja Teclaw. DN is proud to have Jess and Maja serve as acting Head students for the 22-23 school year.

As a member of our DN Family for 12 years and a member of the team for 7 years, Jess brings a wealth of experience to our team. If you are in our DN South Gyle Studios on a Friday afternoon, you will recognize this young lady as a class assistant, always representing our DN Values. The way Jess interacts with our younger students is always filled with kindness and encouragement, and our community core value is deeply ingrained in her. You will often find Jess helping a little one into class when they feel nervous and being the first to congratulate her teammates on their success.

We’ve had Maja with us since she was 7 years old, starting out at one of our external venues in Granton. As one of our hardest-working students, Maja is always prepared for class and eager to learn. Maja always exhibits respectful behavior. She is considerate of her teachers and fellow students, and exemplifies our respect value. In spite of overcoming stage fright, Maja has been a stellar example of diligence, another of our DN Values. Her courage will be tested in this role and we look forward to seeing her excel.

DN values are beautifully represented by both students, and we look forward to seeing them continue to do so. Their roles will include giving time to our DN Studios, participating in shows, awards, and other DN activities, providing assistance to other DN students in need, and assisting in classes.

When you see them around our DN Studios and beyond, be sure to say hello!


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